The remedies are prepared from natural sources, the greatest percentage of which are derived from the plant and mineral kingdoms. A few have been prepared from the animal kingdom in a non-violent way.

Remedies are prepared by a method known as ‘Potentisation’, taking a very small amount of the original substance which is diluted in alcohol and shaken (or succussed). A drop of this essence is diluted again in 99 drops of alcohol and succussed. This process of dilution and succussion goes on many times until the lowest strength is achieved. The more dilution and succussion that takes place, the more powerful the remedy becomes. The potencies mostly commonly prescribed are as follows: 6c, 30c, 200c, 1000c, 10,000c. This is called the centesimal scale.

Even in the lowest strengths, or ‘potencies’ as they are referred to, show little or no chemical trace. It is the dynamic of the remedy that is effective.

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